Mario Creator's Priority Is Entertainment, Not Online

To say Nintendo lags behind Microsoft and Sony when it comes to online gaming is an understatement. Want to know why? It's because the Japanese company's priorities lie with entertaining everyone.

"It is often said that Nintendo was rather late in advancing into the network world," Nintendo designer Shigeru Miyamoto told The Economist. "Actually we simply wanted to take sufficient time to make it a proper business, and make it as comfortable an environment as possible for consumers."

"Of course, we have Mario Kart, which can be played online by multiple people. So we are gradually expanding the experiences using the internet, but my own personal focus is to try to entertain people, even if they are not connected to the internet. That is my first priority."

So what happens when everyone is comfortable gaming on the internet? "I think it is obvious that when everyone is connected online, there will be enormous opportunity for me to create something really unique."

Unique be damned, I think most people would just be happy with a true Animal Crossing MMO.

Nintendo's gaming guru on the recession, innovation and the Wii [The Economist]


    Miyamoto talks a lot of nonsense. he's really out of touch with the modern gamer. While competitors and gamers have developed and moved to new ways of playing games, Miyamoto and Nintendo are stuck in their old ways. They think they are revolutionising the gaming industry, they are actually holding it back. Time for some change Nintendo. Put someone else in charge of projects. Someone who actually understands what gamers want.

      You be tripping - Ninty is looking out for the little people. He knows not everyone has a decent gamign connection and is making fun games that don't need it. When high speed net is as common as TV's, then you'll see sony and microsoft put to shame.

        I think nintendo need to understand that while not everyone plays online a vast majority of "Gamers" do connect their Xbox, PS3 and even Wii to the internet. By having a poor online system they deter people from playing their system, or any, online. Nintendo are not "looking out fort he little guy" because nobody forces the "little guy" to play online - that's why they are the little guy - they are holding them back.

        I am a Wii owner myself and honestly I think the machine hurts the industry (obviously not financially). It has given birth to an entire generation of games that aren't actually "games." I swear the next person who comes into work and asks me for "Imagine: ballet dancer" or some other bullpoopies I will hit because they are not games and it is "games" like this that hurt the industry. The Wii being a massive contributor to these kinds of games.

      Yeah, Hank- the guy synonymous with video games doesnt have a clue. :/

      I believe his issue is that he concentrates on having a perfect offline experience, sacrificing online in a world of unequal internet connections. Smash Bros Brawl online is one of the most frustrating experiences you can have. Of course I would love to be smashing blocks with online friends, but if anyone has played LBP online they also know how lagging platformers can kill.

      Friend Codes are annoying yes, but the Ninty have the most secure of all the online interfaces- remember they are the family company. And I can do without the sledging and taunting that comes with any chat-enabled online game. Pokemon really doesnt need our kids being told to 'STFU, MF'...

    Yeah nintendo need to get some real people in to make their online better. Pokemon MMO - the first 150 pokemon, would have me in an instant. less then an instant.

    The Codes nintendo use are a poor system. Need a 12 digit code for my wii, 12 digit code for each game, its stupid.

    nintendo should make your Mii your online persona. Mii name + Console name your unique online tag. Easy. so u have 1 thing for all your friends. Right now i have a few people registered on my wii, a few more in mario kart and a few more in strikers...

    Nintendo just likes money too much, when they release a console they not only want it to kick a profit, but make their next endevour risk free also.

    Alot of Nintendo games would be better and more involving if there was an online factor, and if they cannot realise that then they're stupid.

      Risk free? I'm sorry mate but nintendo took a MASSIVE gamble with the wii and nintendo DS. The touch screen and motion controls caused shitstorms man, they took a massive risk back then and are doing so again with the 3-d portable device they just announced.

      games dont need online to be good anyways.

    Nintendo's priority is rehashing IP and milking it for all it's worth.

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