Mass Effect 2 Characters Get New Wardrobe Options

Let's see, let's see... do I clothe Mass Effect 2 nutjob Jack in tattoos and some packing tape? Or do I go the Kanye West route and opt for sci-fi sunglasses and jeans? Decisions, decisions.

Tomorrow, Bioware will release yet another piece of downloadable content for role-playing masterpiece Mass Effect 2, this time consisting of new wardrobe options for three of the game's characters.

Jack gets the aforementioned sunglasses and jeans, alien assassin Thane gets a rubber Beethoven outfit and gruff lawman Garrus gets, well, the cleanest outfit he's been seen in to date in the game.

They're available as part of the "Alternate Appearance Pack", which will cost 160 MS Points (or 160 BioWare points on the PC).


    Bioware's answer to horse armour?

      Was TOTALLY about to go all "Or Bioware will reward their fans through the Cerberus Network" but then i actually did read the last line.


      I think i'll pass - but i cannot wait til this "rumoured" USB storage thing. First thing i do is place all my ME2 content on there and Fallout 3 aswell. I would much rather pay for the Arc weapon than clothes.

      horse armour! woooo.

      Totally worth it :p

    Also don't forget the Firewalker pack (The Hammerhead Hover Tank with the 5 new missions) is also available tomorrow for free (well for Cerberus Network Owners).

    They had me until "will cost 160 MS points".

    Bit of a side bar. I'm sick of these meaningless currencies, why aren't we just using real dollars/pounds/yen/etc for our purchases online?

    Am I the only one that finds it annoying?

      man, Bioware now has it's own point system? groan. Call it what it is, $2 or whatever, I assume it's so they can have it as 160 points everywhere, but wouldn't it just make sense to call it what it is, and be done with all the smoke and mirrors?

      Not everyone has a credit/debit card, despite the fact that average gamer is well into their 20's early 30's whatever no one can deny that there are still thousands of minors playing on Xbox Live, Playstation Network etc who would also like to waste their money on virtual clothing. The ability to walk into a store and a buy Microsoft Points was fantastic for me before I turned 18 considering my parents would not allow me to use their cards online due to their irrational fears of identity theft or whatever.

      It's probably also simpler, do you really need to give permission for a credit transaction to buy a gamerpic for $0.80? Isn't 50MSP just simpler?

        no because they make you buy points on the credit card for like 500 of in blocks of 100 never the amounts they actually sell stuff for

        It may just be me but i dont like giving them money i may never spend

        these people buy there 20 dollar MS card that gives them MS Points Y the hell cant it just give them credit oh thats right because if they put the real price there things look more expensive

        With regards to a point system making it easier for people who don't want to use a credit card, I have a really crazy idea. Instead of putting "1500MS" on those store-bought cards, put a dollar amount on them. I think I saw cards like that somewhere... for something called iChunes or something? I don't know, I guess it's not working out very well for them.

    Are these going to be free if you have the Cerberus network? If not, well some new outfits seems like a pretty useless piece of DLC and I certainly wouldn't pay for it. They look very similar to what they already wear anyway, just different colours.

    I agree new costume changes are just kind of lame.

    Yay! Jack gets covered up! I call this a small victory:)

      I wholeheartedly disagree.

        I wholeheartedly agree with the original comment. Miranda before Jack any day, hell I'll take Grunt before Jack.

    More DLC?! At what point will they stop so I can actually start playing the game without worrying about missing out on something...?


      How is this missing something
      its a skin pack it has no effect on the game whatsoeva
      And its kinda meh in my op since i only use garrus out of those 3 and the only time ive ever had thane in my party was for his loyalty miss

    Why are they charging for these... only an idiot would pay money for this kind of stuff.

    Just looks like skins and 5 minute sunglasses.

    I was gonna buy some of this stuff for dragon age, but then I though "what the hell are these points? I have to buy points? Where the hell do I get these points? Who do I pay?....ah f^&* it"

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