Mass Effect 2's New Hovertank In Action, Blowin' Up Geth

Later this month, Mass Effect 2 players will get access to the Hammerhead hovertank, along with five new missions for the game. Here's what the new toy looks like in action.

It's certainly more nimble than the Mako, your vehicle from the first Mass Effect, and the way those levels look custom-built around it is also promising. Fewer "great I just rolled off another cliff" moments.

Mass Effect fans will also notice the way the Hammerhead looks more than a little familiar, its nose shape taken from early concept design work for the Mako.

Call me crazy, but with the Mass Effect universe hurtling towards a final battle, could BioWare be testing the waters for the inclusion of tank warfare in Mass Effect 3? Some large-scale ground warfare would be a nice addition to the series, bring a little scale to its gunplay.


    Reminds me of a delorean on steroids!

    I was just about to say how much it looks like the Dolorean.. only to scroll down to the comments and find Im not seeing things.

    After the mess with the Mako, and this really not looking much better, I'd rather they just keep vehicle sections out of Mass Effect altogether.

    LOL @ Clem and MaXX - whats even more weird is that I was only reading about it yesterday!

    All i can hear though is the sound of Star Wars when it shoots... pretty cool. I would LOVE some large-scale warfare in ME3 or even some DLC for ME2.

    Are BioWare planning an expansion like Dragon Age Awakening?
    Obviously they would need it to make sense with the plot... but still i just want moooore!

    I Agree with Cerzel

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