Mass Effect, Dragon Age Creators Consider The Post-Release "Romance Pack"

The doctors behind BioWare, the hallowed game studio behind Mass Effect 2 and Dragon Age: Origins, were telling Kotaku last week that their plans to add content to their recent games is flexible. More vehicle missions are possible. More sex?

"People actual do ask: 'Why don't you do more relationships?'" Greg Zeschuk told Kotaku as he sat next to studio co-founder Ray Muzyka.

Kotaku had asked if there could be more sex or romance added to the game, partially as a lark, riffing off of Zeshuck's comments that the studio would consider making more missions involving the new Hammerhead vehicle being added to Mass Effect 2, if fans say they enjoy using it. Some fans have complained that Mass Effect 2 was more restrained in its depiction of romance and sex than its predecessor, which had taken heat for a sex scene it included in a widely publicised segment on Fox News.

While the suggestion that BioWare could accede to such requests to just add more sex via downloadable content was made tongue-in-cheek, Zeschuk said that the idea of adding more dating and love to the game after the fact is an idea he likes. He thinks of such possible content as, in his words, "a romance pack", something that has nothing to do with combat and everything to do with relationships. "You know, It's possible," he said. Mentioning a character from Dragon Age, he suggested there could be a "Take Leliana on a date pack."

"That is a pretty good idea," Muzyka chimed in, sounding as if this was the first he'd heard of it.

"I've mentioned it to the guys," Zeschuk told me and Muzyka. "And maybe we will."


    Ohmigod! Yes, that is an excellent idea. Maybe some qunari love this time round? I've seen a lot of complaints about no Sten option. But I'll take one with Zevran plz :3

    Leliana's accent is hot.

    Can we romance the hammerhead?

      Nah. You only get free Fox News Outrage (TM) if theres boobs for the news story.

        How about on the bonnet of the hammerhead?

    I'm going to go with the 'typical male' response and ask.. can Bioware bring back the girl on girl action? My FemShep ain't strictly dickly, and she really missed out in ME2...

      Mine too :(
      There was no gay sex at all in ME2 afaik. Disappointing that Bioware was to scared of media reports to do it properly.

        Seriously? I haven't played ME2 yet (still smashing through a game of ME on PC so I can carry it over), but they were all up with the gay sex in DA:O..

          No, it's your choice of 3 opposite gendered characters for male and female Shepard respectively. There are some other compensations for a female Shepard, but they require specific things to happen and aren't counted a true romance.

    I'd buy a "take Tali on a date" pack.

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