Master Thief Joins The Mass Effect 2 Ranks In April For $US7

BioWare further detailed its latest batch of Mass Effect 2 downloadable content today, locking down a price for the "Kasumi – Stolen Memory" add-on, a $US7 purchase that lets players recruit master thief Kasumi Goto and her "special skills".

The new Stolen Memory DLC will cost, officially, 560 Microsoft Points on the Xbox 360, 560 BioWare points on the PC when it is released in North America and Europe sometime in April. (Yes, there is such a thing as BioWare points.)

Mass Effect 2's new mission involves Commander Shepard and crew buddying up with Kasumi and embarking on "a dangerous heist to infiltrate the vault of a deadly master criminal named Donovan Hock." In addition, according to BioWare, "players will also receive a new research upgrade, one new weapon, and a new achievement in this PDLC pack."

Further details on the 90-minute-long mission, direct from BioWare's Casey Hudson, are right here.


    Really looking forward to this - i have been VERY impressed with Bioware's DLC for Mass Effect 2 (especially after mass effect 1's :shudder:). Instant buy for me :)

    I've been holding off on my next play through until there's a goodly amount of new content... and every time I'm about to go back in they announce something new.

    Looks like I'm waiting till April now.

    I totally thought this was free... or is the vehicle one free?

    Argh theres so many announced and released and planned!!!!

    Nice. I was hoping it wouldn't take them long to fill that empty spot on the squad select screen!

    I don't know, I wasn't too impressed with the Zaeed DLC. Perhaps I'll wait to see what reviews come out of this instead.

    Or maybe they'll do a fallout heaps later and package all DLC's up one day for me to do a mass play.

    Totally miss read the title as "Master Chief". Pooed a brick.

      Ditto, didn't poo bricks but was confused nonetheless.

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