Medal Of Honor Trailer: A Breakfast Of Rehashed Grit

Something tells me that most every Medal of Honor trailer between now and its release is going to feature the kicking-the-booby-trapped-torture-victim-out-the-window sequence. It's compelling, sure, but not after seeing it the second time.

That is just a small component of this two-minute video, which Totilo mentioned would go live this week in an earlier writeup about the Electronic Arts reboot. This clip introduces us to Tier One and showcases some short gameplay sequences. But on closer examination, very little is different from what we saw in the Spike VGA Awards debut trailer back in December, except for that voiceover.


    Frostbite going to good use there. My interest is slightly higher now.

      apparently frostbite is only being used for the multiplayer (which is being done by DICE). the singleplayer is apparently being done by a EALA using unreal engine 3, so thats probably what we're seeing there.

    Cool I guess but MW2 has intense skirmishes in an established ranking system with tons of people online.
    BC2 has huge battles where I can blow up a building with a tank that I stole after jumping out of a chopper.

    What does this bring that I don't already get and more?

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