Mega Man 10’s Endless Mode Coming Later, For Download

Mega Man 10’s Endless Mode Coming Later, For Download

Mega Man 10, the newest retro-game to hit consoles, may be out for the Wii today and coming soon to the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, but its Endless Mode is further off.

The new Mega Man, like Mega Man 9, will include an endless mode, a level of Mega Man that goes on forever. You will have to pay for it. We’ve asked Capcom when and for how much. But just know for now that if you see a line of question marks in you Mega Man 10 game, it’s for that mode, coming later, if you want it.

I’d turn on my PlayStation 3 to confirm the language I saw regarding the Endless Mode in a preview copy of the game’s digital instruction manual. But that would require turning on my PS3, something I am afraid of doing today.

Alternate playable character Proto-Man was included in the preview version I played, indicating that he is not DLC this time. For Mega Man 9, he was. The new game also includes a series of unlockable challenge levels, which begin with tasks such as running across a room and culminate with harder strings-attached boss battles.


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