Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker Co-op In Hot Three-way Action

We've already seen double the Snake-sneaking action in Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker, perhaps the Biggest Deal to hit the PSP this coming winter. What about three Snakes buddying up for "super co-op weapon Railgun" thrills?

Yes, we've seen two, now we see three, and we're sure to see four Snakes/Big Bosses teaming up for cooperative fun, the biggest bullet point on Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker's list of features. The most fascinating aspects in the latest Peace Walker clip - no, there's no J-pop soundtrack here - are the awesome ambulance box and the body removal balloons.

Let's team up and watch together!


    OMG - the team fortress Medic Gun takes on a whole new meaning!

    non stop. climax action...

    Awesome, it's like MGS gone wild. What's with the removal balloons?

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