Metal Gear Solid Voice Actor Directing Edgy, Twilightesque Werewolf Movie

David Hayter is best known for being the English voice actor for the character of Snake in the Metal Gear Solid video games. He also has a movie career.

Not only has penned the screenplay for X-Men, but he also worked on the Watchmen script and co-wrote The Scorpion King. Hayter will be helming his first feature film, Wolves. This July, Hayter will go into production for the US$18-million production. Hayter says the movie is like "Twilight with a bit more bite to it, and without abstinence".

According to Hayter (via website, he took apart previous werewolf films and scrubbed them of their mythology to make werewolves into a metaphor for a teen maturing sexually into adulthood.

Kinda like Teen Wolf? But edgier?

Thomas Dekker (Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Heroes) and Ray Stevenson (Rome, King Arthur) are lined up to appear in the film.

Hayter previously was slated to direct a film version of Black Widow, but the project ultimately fell apart.

"I don't want to put my heart and soul into something original and then hand it off, unless it's a filmmaker like Bryan Singer," Hayter said. "When people offer me something and say maybe you'll get a chance to direct, I know that what that means is, hell no, you're not directing this."

The Snake voice actor is also involved with the big screen version of action game Lost Planet.

Dark Hero Duo Find TV Home, As David Hayter Gets His Directing Shot On 'Wolves' [Deadline via /Film]


    If it's anything even remotely like Twilight I will be very disappointed in you David Hayter. You're better than that!

    Be careful with that headline Brian or you'll soon be getting a letter from Tim Langdell's solicitor.

    No offence to him but as soon as anything becomes even close to twilight, the chances of me watching it are very low.

    Man, now everyone is going to milk the twilight phenomena for all its worth, why snake why.

    Knew he was doing Lost Planet, didn't know about this.

    Love old mate Thomas Dekker though, so I'm keen.

    First Hideo Kojima. Now David Hayter. We all know that Kojima is a lovable troll anyway, now I'm beginning to think that so is everyone else involved in the MGS series.

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