Microsoft Offers Halo: Reach Beta, Free MS Points To "Loyal" Halo 2 Players

Original Xbox games will no longer be playable over Xbox Live as of April 15, but Microsoft is easing the pain of Halo 2 players by offering "avid" players free stuff and a shot at the Halo: Reach beta.

Several Kotaku readers have received word from the Xbox Live Team, breaking the bad news about the death of original Xbox game support on Live, but throwing in some good to make up for it. To thank gamers for being "loyal" Xbox Live customers, the Xbox 360 maker is giving out free three-month Gold memberships and 400 Microsoft Points to spend on the game, add-on or Avatar clothing item of their choice.

Microsoft is also extending the invitation to participate in the Halo: Reach multiplayer beta, "because you've been so loyal to Halo."


    Halo: Reach beta?!... gimme gimme gimme!

    There's been reports on the Bungie forums that people who haven't even played Halo 2 are getting this email. Wonder whats up with that?

      Because Bungie are just all-round swell guys.

    Interesting idea. However, I'm willing to bet that the people who still play Halo 2 aren't playin Halo *3* because they don't have an Xbox 360...

    I don't care how much haters hate on Halo and MS relationship with it, when it comes to Halo and the fans, Bungie and MS do genuinely care about them.

    Yes after-all, without them Halo would be nothing the Xbox probably no where as successful as what it is. But still, don't see that happened that often with other companies and developers.

    LOL I literally played Halo 2 a couple of weeks ago just ONCE for the first time because I thought I should do it before they stop the service and I got an email!!!

    got my email, best news i got all day :)

    Not sure what you need to do to "qualify" for this, but I had Halo 2 online last week downloading all the DLC on my Xbox and my 360, and I haven't received an email.

    I received an email about getting the Microsoft points and a free month of Gold, and I got those fine, but I have yet to receive my halo reach beta code. Me angry.

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