Microsoft: USB Memory Support Hits Xbox 360 On April 6

Starting April 6, Xbox 360 owners will be able to use USB flash drives to store profiles, game saves, demos and "more", Microsoft confirmed this morning.

Posting on his blog, Xbox Live's Larry Hryb said that the company has been testing the feature for a few weeks and that he thinks it's is "great". A system update hitting April 6 will allow us all to see just how great it is.

The update will support flash drives that are 1GB to to 16GB in size. While USB hard drives "may work", he adds, you will still only be able to use 16GB of the drives space, which kinda sucks.

The update will allow you to have two USB drives connected at the same time, meaning up to 32GB of space.

Microsoft is partnering with SanDisk and plans to release an XBox branded USB flash drive in May.

USB Memory Support for the Xbox 360 coming April 6th [Major Nelson, thanks medic mechanic]


    This is brilliant! I'm going to move all downloaded video to free up about 9gb. Is there any news on functionality for installed full 360 titles running off a USB stick? If so I can imagine getting a swag of usb sticks, installing 3 games to a 16gb and inserting that when I don't want to put up with the 360 sounding like a jet taking off.

    So i can use my two normal USB flash drives that i use for uni or do i have to have official xbox flash drives? (Sounds like the former but wanted to clarify).

    If it is any USB sticks this is a big win for me considering i can use 32GB with two sticks combined - thats bigger then my HD (which is only 20 GB.) :P

      Sounds like it'll work with any USB drive. That note about Microsoft partnering with SanDisk makes it sound like they're just releasing the same USB drives but with the Xbox logo on it, or colouring/design that will match the 360.

      That's any USB media. This makes the arcade a whole lot more useful.

    My only though is whether backwards compatibility will be available with the use of a generic usb instead of the hard drive - Whether storage space is the only thing you need to play the older games.

    wont this make it even easier for people to hack on modern warefare 2?

    I have a old 40gb external hdd, can i format it to have 2 16gb partitions on it and use them?

    This is still a joke... Why would they not write software to allow you to use any size HDD? Because they make far too much money out of selling ridiculously over-priced 'large' capacity drives. Sorry but this is just demonstration that they don't actually want to give us what they 'should.' Its a step in the right direction, sorta, but still irritating.

    On a related note, am I a noob, or does XBox not have a way to let me take my XBox HDD off, plug into a different XBox, and play my copy of a game?

      you can pretty easily take your harddrive out and plug it into someone else's xbox.

    Anyone think using a external HDD would work? Maybe you could somehow trick it into thinking its a very large USB stick.

    Awesome now the tiny number of USB slots used by pretty much every peripheral suddenly have become more crowded

    No way in hell they'll allow installing on it, that'd be an xbox heug security/piracy risk.

    I wonder if we can use it simply as a backup. I hate the thought of losing all my stuff if the HDD dies...

    LOL what a waste of time teaming up for a Xbox branded USB - unless it lets you use MORE than even 32GB.

    But USB drives are so cheap you have can the total capacity for 250GB cheaper than what it is to buy a 120GB HDD.

    This is great idea for Arcade users - i guess thats where a lot of pressure has been. Some people cannot afford to go buy an over-priced HDD that is the only thing compatible with the 360.

    I hope MS release a brand new SKU like Sony did with releasing the PS3 Slim. I don't want a 360 Slim so much... but a new SKU that fixes a lot of issues. Like able to upgrade your own HDD like the PS3 and even a better disc tray, although installing games fixed that issue. Asking for a lot - but MS BETTER deliver with their next console.

    I want this for PS3, it would be so easy to just use USB drives as memory cards, i have like four 8 gig sticks on my desk right now

    oh sweet! i've only got a crummy 20 jigga-bite hd so storing demos and whatever on external storage will be awesome. i know that the xbox hds are ridiculously dirt cheap but i probably won't use that much space anyway.

    oh wait a second... i can't, as a couple of months ago my EFFING XBOX CRAPPED ON ME FOR THE 6TH TIME!

    This is long over due. The perfect cheap upgrade for those suffering with 20gb HD or those with no HD at all. Obviously they won't allow large external HD's, that would cut into 360 HD sales.

    Thank you MS, this is most definitely a step in the right direction from you guys... now if we can just get you to let us use USB attached HDD's I'll be ecstatic...

    how come he gets a 500GB drive now too, it was only 350GB this morning?

    nope, read that wrong, my bad.

    microsoft fail, look at that screenshot, the title of the flash drive ("major nelson") and "memory unit" are the wrong way around.

    About time. I've been saying this for year's. It's a little annoying that the 120GB HDD still RRP's at $199.95

    'While USB hard drives “may work”, he adds, you will still only be able to use 16GB of the drives space'

    I wonder if you partion the HDD in 16gig blocks if you can access all of them?

      +1 for imagination!

      Hopefully that does work... i have a spare HDD that i was going to get rid of somehow after upgrading.
      That would be so handy to pretty much move ALL of the DLC i've downloaded onto it. Especially Fallout 3 - wow that takes up a lot.

    I wonder how much the mark-up will be for the Microsoft branded units...

    An artificial limitation on using only 16gb of your USB hard drive? Clearly an attempt to maintain an ironclad grip on selling overpriced "XBOX HDDs" of 60, 120, 250gb capacity, rather than generic external HDs. Not really impressed. Only using my xbox for guitar hero etc, but using my PS3 for everything else. Nice try MS, 7/10 for effort but only 2/10 for implementation.

    would this make it easier to mod gta iv

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