Modern Warfare 2 DLC Ad Takes Some Liberties

There's something fishy about this commercial for the upcoming Modern Warfare 2 map pack. Namely, that these sure as hell aren't the kind of people I run into playing the game.

Compared to the community's juvenile, angry, foul-mouthed status quo, these "mapathy sufferers" - who are capable of more emotions than just sarcasm and fury - don't look sick to me. They look just fine.

Modern Warfare 2's first map pack will be out soon, and is very expensive. Wonder if the next clip will show the adverse side-effects of over-priced downloadable content?


    MW2 can go suck it, seriously.

    DLC adverts? wtf?!

    Now i understand why they need 1200 points for the maps.......because of all the advertising for all makes sense now haha

    Still going to buy it, looking forward to the Map Pack :)

    majority of PC gamers don't have that condition, cos we can make our own

      Not with MW2.

    Was looking forward to more from MW2 around christmas - now I've moved nd and dont see me looking back at all.

    They can get stuffed. No interest at that price.

    Also, isn't this ad kind of an indictment on the lack of, or low quality of, maps in MW2? They're advertising that their game is boring.

    "Luckily for the mapathetic, there is a cure..."

    Yeah, it's called BATTLEFIELD 2!

      Bad Company 2 that is... *embarrassed face*

        No no, don't be embarassed. Battlefield 2 is still a better cure than MW2's multiplayer! lol.

          Even with all the servers down :P (on console anyway)

    I don't see how 15 USD for 5 maps is expensive, that's $3 a map.

    With the CoD4 map pack, you get 4 maps, and that costed 15.95 on PSN.

      Its a bit of a ripoff because first of all, they included two old maps, which means more like $5 for a new map and comparing this to the value of content in other DLC its almost [ma]pathetic.

      I found it hilarious that the one rager in the ad had a girlfriend which was clinging to his arm watching him play, Gotta say Acti knows their fanbase and their delusional fantasies.

        How is comparing the value of pricing to something similar pathetic?

        That's how competitive pricing comes about... Getting better value for something that is arguably similar.

        Also, look at playtime vs price:

        I have played for about 170hrs since release. That's 10200mins. At the moment, there are 16 maps, that's about 640mins per map.

        At 640mins per map, this pack will be giving me at least a total of 3200mins (53hrs) of play time.

        That's 28 cents per hour. At the Most.

        That's pretty good value for me...

        And I haven't stopped playing... so this is a very conservative estimate.

          I strongly agree with you, I've played 165 hours (steam) on MW2, and expanding to MW2 by adding more maps will make the game have more variety in its collection of maps.

            If you've played 170 hours then your an addict and it won't matter what anyone says. All you want is another fix. I personally don't think the map pack is ridiculously expensive, but when you consider that at US$15 that's a third of the price of the entire game, it is a little over the top.

              If you were to play 170 hours from its release, you definitely are not an addict. It's almost been 6 months after the release of MW2 you would be playing only about 27 hours a month (which is very minor) since the release of the game.

              And no, I don't see MW2 as a 45USD/AUD RRP game, because It isn't. The RRP for MW2 for both the 360 and PS3 version is about 119.50 AUD.

    What I find most amusing about this ad is that 2 of the maps are remakes of levels that most certainly would be subject to mapathy.

    "Download the new stimulus package on Xbox Live."

    Must be a MS funded commercial.

      Um- it's XBL exclusive for 4 weeks.

    If they had let people create customs maps like in the previous games then people would have to see such crap dlc ads.

    Some people sure are mad at this game. Does that say more about the people than the game?

    I liked the ad, and I'm counting down to the PSN release. Im happy to spend $20 for 3 new and 2 rehashed maps, when I am guaranteed dozens of hours out of them.

    I feel sorry for those who bought crap like Dark Void and Section 8 upon release, only to lose $60 on tradein 2 weeks later. THAT is poor value.

    I'm skipping BC2 after investing so much time and blood and sleeplessness into MW2, and will jump on the new Medal of Honor.

    Bunch of sellouts they are for making a 4 week exclusivity deal and for the price. Do M$ really think that people will buy a 360 just to get a map pack early

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