Modern Warfare 2 Promises Breakthrough Cure For 'Mapathy'

Acknowledging that as many as 20 million (of its 25 million players) "no longer [derive]pleasure from blowing up people hiding in the cockpit or on top of the crane", Modern Warfare 2's creators say new map help is OTW.

"Mapathy" is the name of this affliction, for which Modern Warfare 2 community manager Robert Bowling tweeted about 30 minutes ago that Infinity Ward researchers have found a cure. It's coming - to Xbox Live - March 30. That's all we know now. So, no pricing, nor PC or PS3 availability info yet.


    how about fixing all the bugs and the matchmaking so people OUTSIDE OF AMERICA can get good connections before releasing new maps.

      I cannot understand why Aussies complain about lag.
      I don't have any problems playing MW2, no lag or anything.
      And my net connection is shitty.
      Even when I'm capped, it only takes one or two tries and I get a host who's able to connect and still I get no lag.

      I think the key is this:
      Say you're searching for a FFA game, you click on the game mode and it starts searching.
      If you look at the top right and you see it's searching with anything with greater than 100 ping then just restart. I often get a game <100 on the first try, if not it only takes a couple more tries at most.
      And the game ends up being totally lag free.

    From what I have read the Xbox has a month exclusivity on the maps so I am guessing PS3 users will be getting it late April.

    For those who are suffering from 'MAPATHY', I suggest playing a new way. I have started a new 'knife only' account. I can only use tactical knife and throwing knife. So much fun.

    pc better get it bloody soon afterwards

    Fifty bucks says their simple map pack DLC manages to introduce a massive, game breaking bug they refuse to deal with for at least a month.

    I went prestige and groaned, then went back to my other games. ;_;

    I'm surprised the community hasn't come out with more... Wait... What... Oh right...

    Why create a site just for their damn map packs? We've been on their backs for months for some international recognition. But oh no, it's Activision. Money comes before everything else.

      Yeah dude, they ARE a business. The biggest market is the US so of course they're going to satisfy the region that's most likely to yield the biggest return.

    Kick ass. I think I'll concentrate on BC2 until then, then stop neglecting Modern Warfare.

    Sorry IW, i've moved on to BFBC2. All the glitches and your stubborn refusal to include a simple 'local games only' filter option annoyed the crap out of me.

    This game is boring now.. it's dead to me.

    Oh screw you InfActivision Ward...

    Seriously, with no dedicated server support- who seriously cares what they do?
    IWNet has killed this game, like all other games on PC that had no dedicated servers before it.

    BFBC2 and M.A.G. FTW!

    (M.A.G. really is a good game once you get over the steep learning curve and find a decent squad to play with!)

    Heyyyy youuu guyyysss! Buy some more maps for our broken piece of crap game that people outside of America can't even play competitively due to lag.

    Haha who gives a shit I actually like Bad Company 2 as a mutliplayer game not just more than MW2 (which would be like beating Solitaire) but more than COD4 as well, and I LOVE that game!

    Bad Company 2 has blown me away with its awesome! Good on you PC gamers for all buying it to show that there are a lot of us and we appreciate people not bending us over and giving us prison love!

    What it is:

    - Search

    - Connect to an American game

    - Back out and search again

    - Connect to an American game

    - Back out and search again (has happened to me up to 15 times)

    - Connect to an AUSTRALIAN game (at bloody last)

    - play a few games

    - American joins

    - LAG!!!

    What it should be:

    - Search

    - Connect to an Australian game

    Local Search (or a patch that only allows international games if no local games can be found) is NEEDED!!!

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