Modern Warfare 2 Stimulus Pack Is Live, But Broken

Details are still sketchy, but we're getting a number of reports that the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 map pack that hit this morning is not entirely working.

The Stimulus Pack delivered five new maps for the multiplayer portion of Activision's popular shooter for 1200 Microsoft Points. But readers are reporting a slew of problems with the pack that just went live this morning.

Issues reported include:

Multiplayer lobbies not working. Images for maps not showing up. No option to play private matches.

We've contacted Activision for comment and will update this story when we hear more.

Xbox 360's Larry Hryb says that Microsoft engineers are "already engaged and working on the MW2 Stimulus Pack Problem."

"The Stimulus Package needs a Title Update and it didn't go out properly. We're pushing it out now - it won't be long," he wrote on his Twitter feed about 7:30 a.m.

Update: The pack is now working.

Update 2: Now it appears that marchmaking isn't working on Xbox Live. Larry Hryb writes that the service is in a "bad state" right now and they're working quickly to resolve it.

Update 3: Microsoft's official support page is reporting that the map packs still aren't working and lists a slew of other things that Xbox Live users can't currently do: Creating new Xbox LIVE accounts, managing those accounts, or recovering an account on a different console Buying downloadable items from the Xbox 360 console,, or Games for Windows – LIVE Paying for downloadable items with a credit card Signing into Games for Windows – LIVE on a PC Redeeming downloadable items with Microsoft Points, buying additional Microsoft Points, or viewing your points balance Using prepaid cards or codes for downloadable items or Xbox LIVE subscriptions Purchase transactions using the Games for Windows LIVE client.

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    I find this funny. Suck it Activision/IF.

    I lol'd quite hard.

    WTF... I still don't understand how companies can release stuff like this without knowing what will happen? How much testing do they do before hitting the go button? Obviously not enough.

    It seems that IW/Activision are becoming lazy and just expecting the cash train to roll in without putting in the hard yards. Come on guys, if you are charging a premium for the DLC, then you have to deliver on it!

    soooo glad i got rid of this...

    I won't be downloading this and I don't have MW2, but this seems to be happening a fair bit, a company releases DLC and it's broken on day one. It's just not good enough.

    Come on guys, get your shit together. Don't give programmers an unrealistic release date so it can be pushed out the door early just to try and make more sales because ultimately you're just reducing your sales. everyone that knows anything about retail knows that the best form of advertising is word of mouth. I'm sure there's tons of people all over the world telling all their friends not to buy this because it doesn't work properly.

    Wow, now I'm kinda glad us PS3 owners are getting it later. Gives them a chance to iron out the kinks.

    live crashed huh? so, what are you guys paying for? a quality service? L O L
    sucked in to anyone that is stupid enough to pay that muck for stuff all! you deserve a bricked console.

    all these problems make it seem like more of an xbox live problem than activison.

    Ok. No dedicated servers, horribly unbalanced multiplayer, super high priced map pack which recycles old levels and they dont even work... ok someone shut down this company... god damn activision sucks.

    Of course it isn't working.

    To be fair, the DLC was buried in the store menu and not promoted to featured so perhaps they weren't totally ready to go, but the busted accompanying patch is just bad.

    The other problems are totally attributable to some insane amount of people hitting the service at the same time.

    It would be fair to say that Im addicted to MW2 but dont really get to play it that often, which seems a contradiction I know. I was up late last night so downloaded it (go ahead, flame the fanboy) then all the described problems happened. It also affected the normal menus, made controllers unresponsive etc. Im sure they will iron it out eventually. My problem with this is that the DLC was announced I think in December and its now April. WTF? 3 months of testing on 5 new maps (even recycled ones need testing) and it still doesnt work properly. Do MS not allow developers access to the xbox Live test environment until like a week before release? I suspect adding maps to a game isnt complicated and other games have done it plenty so what gives? The way it is behaving, feels like a Live problem, not an Activision problem

      It was definitely a live issue, patch wouldn't download probably due to simultaneous hits. The matchmaking was also screwed as I was trying to roll some Halo but no joy.

    Actually, I'm finding the new matchmaking patch actually works. Green bar matches every time.

    It's hard to believe, but true.

    $25 for the map pack was definitely not worth it, though.

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