Modern Warfare 2's "Stimulus Package" Brings Back Two Classic Maps

An early listing of the Modern Warfare 2 "Stimulus Package" on the Xbox Live Marketplace web site reveals it is comprised of five maps, two of them old favourites from the first Modern Warfare.

The Stimulus Package isn't due out until March 30 on the Xbox 360 (dates for the PC and PS3 versions are still TBA). Here's the description from its Xbox Live listing, which was live as of 3 p.m. U.S. Mountain Time.

The best-selling Xbox 360 game of all-time just got bigger, with more epic multiplayer content, first on Xbox LIVE! The Stimulus Package delivers 5 additional action-packed multiplayer maps featuring a variety of locations: "Bailout," a multi-level apartment complex; "Storm," an open industrial park littered with heavy machinery; "Salvage," a snowy junkyard fortified by stacked debris and crushed cars. Two legendary fan-favorites from Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare return, including "Crash," [pictured above]a war-torn urban environment; and "Overgrown," which features a massive dry creek bed. There are no refunds for this item. For more information, see

It'll weigh in at 328 MB. No word on pricing yet, and you can't queue it up for download, either. It asks you for a redeem code.

Modern Warfare 2: Stimulus Package [Xbox Live Marketplace via Joystiq]


    I don't understand when people want old maps. They buy a new game to play old maps, what the?

    Why don't the just play MW?

    It was like that with socom, all people wanted to do is play maps from Socom2. For christs sake! move on! Try new things!

      I can't wait to play MW2 on Crash. It's a great map.

      I bought the game under the impression there weren't any old maps, and there weren't! There still aren't!

      But there will be soon, and I like that.

        On a technicality, there are old maps. A couple were re-purposed from Call of Duty 2.

          ORLY? I loved Call of Duty 2 to bits and played hours and hours of local multiplayer and have been playing MW2 online for a while now and haven't drawn any similarities. I'd be interested to know which maps are similar!

          Which maps?

            Wasteland is 're-purposed' from the first Call of Duty on PC.

      Considering (IMO) that MW2's maps were such a letdown, especially when comparing them to COD4's which are such great maps, there aren't many that a lot of people don't like. They equally have respect and are favoured by nearly all...

      It's more than welcome to have Old maps in MW2.

      I guess fans like to play such maps with the newer feel of MW2 and the majority of players who are playing MW2 rather than COD4. At least its not ALL old maps - it is offering 5 maps instead of the usual 3 COD:WAW and Halo 3 offered.

      I can't believe i defended MW2 then... wow!? Well if its 800 MS Points i will stand by that defence, if its any higher, i take it back!

      I bet they only added the 2 old maps so now it wouldn't look so bad when they charge us 800MSP or something like 1300MSP for them. I hope they updated the colour in the old maps.

    Why are they making us pay, they know their game is failing so why not give us a surprise :D

    5 new maps, no new modes or co-op? arent they having to add trophies though?

    as much as i enjoy MP for the first prestige rank, it is full of crap now, i want a FPS shooter, not this crap they called a FPS

    So instead of taking the time to add dedicated servers, they're converting boring maps for xbox kiddies?

    Last IW game I ever buy.

      I'm perfectly fine with IWnet. Matchmaking is a zip (of course it has its drawbacks but nothing to create a forum topic about) and well, I don't need a server browser to play a game really.

      I can't wait for the DLC to come out for the PC, I've always liked sniping at the top of that tall building in Crash.

        You're very lucky then. I try to play at peak times for my area (Australia, East Coast), and I get about 5 ~ 10 dropouts every 2 hours or so, host migration sucks complete ass and doesn't work half the time, no options to vote to even switch host (I've gotten hosts from the US for gods sake, and everyone else in the game was Aussie) or to votekick hackers.

        IWNet is crap, that's all there is to it. Don't defend it because it was a poor decision in the first place, just another money making decision from Activision.

          Money-making decision?

          And there is more to it. If host-migration was disabled, you'd be dropping out even more.

          I usually join games that are 25-100 ping. And I usually host, getting everyone 25-75 ping.

    My two favourite COD4 maps, with MW2's guns/equipment/attachments...


    as per usual so much IW bashing on a mw2 story... really people you make it sound like IW did something to you?

    if you dont like the game why comment this story about DLC for it?

    and "they know their game is failing so why not give us a surprise" what planet are you from? really? failing? in what sense? excellent reviews, made a ton of $$$$, i still play online and there are thousands and thousads of other people still playing it? how fail?

    just cos some uppedy elitist PC gamers have a fap-cry over dedicated servers everytime MW2 is even mentioned doesnt mean its failing...


    come on for cross fire!!!! i love that map, screw overgrown. also strike is ok

    I love the idea of the old maps, but I don't like the idea of paying for them. I kinda think they should have been in there in the first place. But I really love the overgrown map, crash not so much, but IMO the MW1 maps were much better than the MW2 ones.

    And they better not just release one map pack like they did with MW1, that was just stupid...

    This is confirmed to be 1200 microsoft points which works out to be $21 AU for 2 new maps, 1 remake and 2 ported maps from COD4. No thank you...

      Agreed matt, and the horrible lag in the matchmaking system. No local search no point wasting our money.

    The MW2 snipers won't work on Overgrown.

    You could run that map with an m40...but I don't see it happening with an intervention.

    How about some classic weapon DLC??

    I don't play MW2, but I have to say, Crash is a -great- map.

    I liked mw2 until battlefield came out now its a thing of the past. The new maps won't change the fact that cirtin people make the mw2 experence way too annoying. Plus 1500 ms points is alot for 5 just maps, no modes or achevements.

    OK first off, its 1200 ms points. Second, how would you know its a remake if you havent played or seen it yet. And third why would you look this video up if you're just gonna complain about it. idiots

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