Modern Warfare 2's Stimulus Package In Five Pictures

We're still five days away from the release of the first Modern Warfare 2 map pack for the Xbox 360, so you might want to check out these latest screens one at a time, one per day.

The Modern Warfare 2 Stimulus Package, featuring five maps for the interesting price of $US15, or 1200 Microsoft points, goes live on March 30, and this is what you'll be seeing when you purchase it.

I'd say Bailout is my favourite map judging by the screenshot alone, but only because it closely resembles the neighbourhood pool I used to swim at as a child, right down to the armed soldiers. What can I say? I lived in a really rough neighbourhood.







    I wont be buying this. I'm not going back to MW2 now that BC2 is out. Also, 2 of those maps are just rehashes of old MW1 maps. $15 is pretty steep.

    Hahaha, slag. Some subconcious feelings coming out eh Mike?

    Hmm look at the LOVELY LAG!

    Word is 360 users will finally get a matchmaking fix but at $15 I won't be placing my MW2 disc back in the slot anytime soon.

    The price is a joke. I have moved onto BC2 anyway.
    Was once a loyal COD fan, but after all the money grubbing tactics and lack of support for the Australian community im out.

    I hope everyone here sticks with their resolve. I also won't be buying it and the more people that don't, the more chance we have of Activision stopping this nonsense.

    $15 for 5 maps, 2 of which are old MW maps, is ridiculous.

    Bad Company 2 is much more awesome anyway
    look out fools my sniper skills are extreme!
    i love how the bullets curve down - got a kill about 2 dots down (just to give you an idea how far away that was)

    well i'll be grabbing it on ps3 when it comes out... it's kind of a good feeling having the xbox community being upset about something for once..

      You do understand that this will be roughly $19.95 on the PS3 when it's released don't you?

      Regardless of consol that's a steep price....

    I find it funny that in the images it shows the players moving together and covering each other like a team. Ha! Teamwork in CoD.

      +1 :D

        Yeah the 'teamwork' in COD actually makes me miss CS. Now that's saying something.

      Malcolm colesI wish esatte agents would put them on boards outside houses. Putting them on underground posters is the dumbest thing ever. Way to get people to think they don’t work …

    I'm going to buy them but I don't want 2 old maps I want 2 more new maps. They think they can charge us $15, just for making 3 new maps & adding 2 old ones to make up for the price. But It's like paying less then 30c a week for a year to buy them so I guess thats ok.

    I just wish we'd get some proper server support... I'm sick of lagging out...

    i wont be touching them either. 20ish au dollars is insane for 3 crappy maps! this is craptivision at its finest! i seriously doubt iw put that $ figure on it.
    i "may" use the old game share method to get em for free, its already been offered to me. but,
    i still feel dirty like im supporting their decision to overcharge. people in the game wont know i didnt pay.

    "We’re still five days away from the release of the first Modern Warfare 2 map pack for the Xbox 360, so you might want to check out these latest screens one at a time, one per day."

    You seem to be under the misapprehension that we still care.

    At least I don't lag out in MW2 xD
    BFBC2 is fun yeah, but only when you can on a game. :)

      "BFBC2 is fun yeah, but only when you can on a game. :)"

      I just the whole thing.

    Yeah won't touch this with a ten foot pole. Not only overpriced, but its the laggiest game out for us aussies.

      The PS3 version has no problems since the matchmaking fix a few months ago ;)

        Yep, absolutely not lag issues on PS3 whatsoever.

    Is it me or does pic 1, the one with the swimming pool, look like a level in left 4 dead 2? i think dead centre or dark carnival?

    its actually $20 Australian when u convert points to dollars. No Way MS and activision

    From the comments above, it might shock some to know I personally am still sitting on the fence about this one. I have played around 2 and a half days of modern warfare 2 online, and i havent touched any tactical modes yet either, so i have a feeling i could drag another 24 or so hours of multiplayer out of this map pack.

    I think people neglect the revitalising effect even a small update can have to a game, and with a game with such multiplayer hour-eating potential, while you're paying alot for very little, you actually could get a whole lot out of it.

    there's always BC2 anyways. amazing game.

    $20 in Australia, what are all you tight arses complaining about, that not an amount of money to even worry about.

    Go to McDonalds these days and you can blow 20 without even raising a sweat...

      Yes but at least I'm getting $20 of value from maccas and I think thats the point. i like the game but it's got too many things wrong with it and paying for more content without them just fixing the inherent problems with it - there's no value case there for me.

        HAHA you think that stuffing your face with 20 bucks of maccas is better value than hours of entertainment?

        I feel for you

    You blow $20 at maccas? You must eat a lot there to yourself.

      well, considering that a meal can cost around $10, if you and a mate go, there's your $20.

    I cannot wait to see how much this fails.. well how much i HOPE it fails. If people GIVE IN to this nonsense, then they're gonna keep doing it.

    1200 points is ridiculous - i hope people ACTUALLY stand up and refuse instead of bitchin out like they did with on PC with MW2 and L4D2.

    Either way i know i won't be getting this UNTIL it drops to 800 MS points and i don't even know if i would buy it then anyway...

    I will be downloading it, I thoroughly enjoy playing Modern Warfare 2, I also own BF:BC2 and numerous other games and I play them all, but I play Modern Warfare 2 online the most, I am an Aussie and enjoy plenty of local games in the Mosh Pit playlist, but the same patch that hit the PS3 months ago is coming to the 360 on the day of the DLC, and it will be nice to play some Hardcore HQ for once. $15ish dollars really does not bother me to be honest, for what will equal to hours and hours of more gameplay and more variation of maps.

    Seeing as I bought MW2 Day One for $78, I'm happy to put the $20 saving towards more multiplayer schwoitness. If I paid more I might feel differently. Hell, since I bought 2nd copy cheap too, I will get Stimulus Package for both PS3s...

    This game is easily the one I have spent most time on in at least 10 years, if not ever. Value for money, second-to-none.

    Anybody else tired of the twenty or so people who feel the need to tell us that they won't be buying it on every single story about the map pack and then act as if that is the opinion of every single person in the world?

    I sure am.

      No different to the 20 or so fanbois saying how it's awesome and they'll definitely be buying it.

    If bought through XBL, 1200 MS points actually works out at $19.80 for the MW2 Stimulus Package.

    I for one am sick of bouncing from one red or orange connection to the next, so I'm hardly about to hand over another AUD$20.00 for a game that is effectively faulty.

    I'll only buy these maps if the xbox 360 gets the long overdue matchmaking fix.

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