Monday Night Combat Invades PAX East

Monday Night Combat kind of looks like a first-person shooter version of Heroes of Newerth or League of Legends to me... and that's a good thing.

This video, showing off the gameplay that will be on hand at Penny Arcade Expo East this weekend, gives us a good taste of how the Xbox Live Arcade exclusive will play in "Crossfire" mode.

Crossfire is a six-on-six class based mode that pits two teams against each other, Hotshots versus the Icemen, over XBox Live Arcade. Win Crossfire mode by destroying the opponent's Moneyball while protecting yours. Push your AI controlled Breach Bots to the enemy's base to take down the Moneyball's shield so players can destroy it and win money. Players can defend their base by building and upgrading turrets and leveling up their characters' skills and abilities during combat.

If you're headed to PAX East today, where both Totilo and Fahey will be covering the show's highlights, Monday Night Combat will be playable at Uber Entertainment's booth #417.

Participants will also have a chance at winning 8-inch hand painted Pitgirl statues, Monday Night Combat 8-bit t-shirts, Baconnaise - bacon flavored mayonnaise, and a chance to beat the Uber crew at their own game.


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