Muramasa Returns With Colourful, Yet Tasteful Figure

Muramasa Returns With Colourful, Yet Tasteful Figure

While the game is (sadly) slipping from people’s memory’s, Muramasa’s star Momohime doesn’t seem to be, as evidenced by this delightful new figure.

We caught a glimpse of it at Wonder Festival, but the toy is gearing up for a retail release, meaning we now get to check out a range of detailed shots. It’ll be released in July, and you should be able to get your hands on one for around $US75.

Muramasa was released late last year on the Wii. It looked great, and played great.

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  • You know I really wanted to get a copy of Murumasa, but it disappeared off Australian shelves. I would have imported it, but I find my wii is temperamental about any PAL region games that aren’t from Australia. :/

      • I work in the Perth JB store, unfortunately no WA stores seem to currently have any stock, so I can’t get it transferred. There are a couple of Queensland stores that have them, but that’s about it.

    • when it was released I went to buy it from EB and they told me you could only get it if you preordered. Apparently they didn’t want to overstock their Wii shelves with more titles…. yeah, wouldnt want to dilute the isles of shovelware with a good game. Thank god for ebay.

  • Well the advantage of having a US is I could pick this one up relatively easily, Fragile arrives next week. Loved the game and as for the figure, the price is irrelevant at this point I’ll definately be picking that up for my game den.

  • Pre-ordered the figure yesterday! Looks lovely.

    For those interested in making an order, do so at You’ll find their prices to be significantly cheaper than other stores like Hobby Search, and their service is very good.

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