Natal Marketing Effort Targeting Women's Magazines

You know those women's magazines like Glamour and Cosmopolitan that promise BIG SEX NEWS every single month? Well, if a report's to be believed, they're going to be delivering BIG NATAL NEWS as the product nears release.

MCV reports that Microsoft's ramping up marketing plans for Natal that go after Nintendo's top-of-mind awareness in nontraditional games niches. Celebrity endorsements will be a factor of a campaign that targets "the parenting press, toy retailers and publications which primarily cater for non-gamers."

That would include Vogue and all those magazines with hot unattainable women you pretend not to notice when you're buying Hot Pockets at the Safeway. MCV said Microsoft invited "an elite selection of media" and other non-games firms to a VIP showcase to talk about Natal. Presumably, these were the types of magazines invited. I can't wait until Glamour starts telling us about that secret thing Milo wishes we would do, but is too afraid to ask.

Microsoft Turns to Celebs for Natal [MCVUK]


    Ugh... that's why Natal is already a failure in my eyes. Not only have we not seen anything anywhere near a proof of concept. If anything, with their retarded arm flailing, ball bouncing and elephant drawing, they've proved that it is useless to gamers... but it's what's probably going to get gamers in the spotlight over the next few years. Not for clever game design and innovation, but just for the fact that it is a gimmicky peripheral. They're turning the Xbox brand into something completely different and alienating the people who supported the platform from the beginning.

      Lulz. You think that Xbox gamers will be alienated? Why? Because there happens to be a peripheral that you can buy but may be useless to you? Unless you are the kind of person who has money to burn and is hung up on having the right accessories you won't care.

      Microsoft is going to try grab market share from everywhere they can. It makes good business sense. The platform has proven it is liked by many already so adding an optional feature is highly unlikely to make users a) turn away from the brand and b) paint the Xbox as gimmicky.

      They'll be sure to market it with broad appeal and in a way that emphasizes the "everyone can join in" point.

    This is bad news for gamers expecting a substantial experience from Natal. Also, that cover is hilarious, is that real?

    Wish I could say the same for Natal as I apparently can about the feel good naked 'confidence booster'. Honestly, a big push towards casual gaming is the first nail in the coffin for natal. I'll simple be rope-able if the 360’s library gets filled up with useless shovel ware (that’s why we all own Wii's anyway isn’t it?).

    Would that campaign be considered pre-natal?

      oh snap

    I vaguely recall the E3 Natal snippet showing teenychicks playing dressups with it. If they can pull stuff like that off, they may be on to something...

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