NBA Jam Tosses Up Another Five Shots, Hits Them All

The NBA Jam fan page on Facebook rolled out another five screens of the upcoming reboot of the beloved arcade/early console classic. We now know the names of eight more players who'll be appearing in the game. They're identified inside.

Indiana's Danny Granger (shooting) and Mike Dunleavy versus New Orleans' David West and Chris Paul.

Denver's Carmelo Anthony (dunking) and Chauncey Billups versus Miami's Michael Beasley and Dwyane Wade.

Atlanta's Joe Johnson (dunking) and Josh Smith versus Sacramento's Kevin Martin (since traded to Houston) and Andres Nocioni.

Milwaukee's Michael Redd (shooting) and Andrew Bogut versus Utah's Deron Williams and Carlos Boozer. Where's the Bucks' Brandon Jennings?

The Jazz's Williams (dunking) and Boozer versus the Bucks' Bogut (on arse) and Redd.

via NBA Jam's Facebook Fan Page


    is it me or do the graphics for this look amazing!?

      I'm not so sure - the faces on all the characters look like magazine cutouts pasted onto their shoulders. It's really noticeable on Bogut on the floor, the cheerleaders and the dudes behind the desk. Maybe it's meant to look that way though.

      Everything else looks schmick to me and I can't wait to play it.

        I saw the first trailer and they do look like photo pasted heads. Which looks awesome btw.

    I like that "Bugger All" Bogut is pictured lazing about on his arse. Roy and HG would approve.

    This makes me glad that I have a wii.

    This makes me sad I don't have a Wii

    bring it to xbox arcade already!

    Day one with four wiimotes and three friends ready to go!

    need bigger heads

      Like the original series, there will be a BIG HEAD mode. ;-P

    I want this, but im CERTAIN it will get PSN treatment.

    How long do titles stay "exclusive" developers suck you in to make you buy it thinking its "exclusive" to make you grab it on this alone, then bam we see it on other systems.

    GTA Liberty city stories anyone?

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