NBC Proves Once More How Out Of Touch They Are With Women

Have you heard? Video games aren't just for 13-year-old boys anymore!

This shocking revelation comes to us via the crack team of pop culture anthropologists over at the Today Show during a piece they did this morning on the "Big Fish Babes" a group of 60-something-year-old women who happen to have bonded over casual games.

Watch, shudder and then hope that the Today Show eventually extracts itself from the '80s where it seems to have gotten stuck.

Today Show


    Your wishing for the impossible.

    62 is 'middle aged' ?

    This is atrocious. The only excuse for this soundtrack is Beverly Hills Cop.

    That was painful to watch, i don't know if the presenters or the subjects were worse

    I wouldn't say they are out of touch with women just gamers, women, technology and reality


    You can use modern technology to communicate with people with the same interests, even if they are in different geographical locations???


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