NCAA 11's Lighting Strives For Postcard-Perfect Saturdays

Upgrades to lighting and shadows have become something of a trend in sports gaming - we saw it in both baseball games that just released, and we'll see it improving the photorealism in July's NCAA Football 11.

Here's a closer look at the new game's screen:

EA Sports released this screen comparison showing what Ohio State versus Texas looked like last year and what it looks like this year. Not only is NCAA 11 in higher contrast compared to the overcast, flatter NCAA 10, you'll also notice players wearing more diverse equipment sets, including knee braces.

The second gives us Florida State versus Florida. (Apparently this was pulled back from EA Sports' blog post, but not before Pasta Padre snagged it.) The developers add that the new lighting system draws out truer colours - so Texas' burnt orange and the Seminoles' garnet are good examples to see what they're talking about.

Screens and Lighting [NCAA Football 11 Blog]


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