Neo Geo Arcade Classics Coming To PlayStation Network?

The PlayStation Network's answer to the Wii Virtual Console looks to expand beyond the Turbografx-16 library, with the addition of Neo Geo games for the PlayStation 3 and PSP sneaking out via ESRB ratings.

The Entertainment Software Ratings Board has rated a quartet of titles originally released for SNK's arcade/home console platform, the Neo Geo. The first four to be outed are Baseball Stars Professional, Alpha Mission II, League Bowling, and Super Sidekicks, perhaps not the Neo Geo classics you were hoping for, but a step in the right direction.

Hopefully, that leak portends the inclusion of other platforms, say the Sega Dreamcast and Sony's own PlayStation 2, making their way to PlayStation Stores worldwide.

Perhaps the Neo Geo Archives, following the naming convention established by Hudson's PC Engine Archives, will be announced in the coming days (or later at GDC).

ESRB Game Ratings [ESRB]


    coughFINAL FIGHT!!!hiccup O yeah!
    Gotta have me some Guy Cody n Haggar!
    Also that game with those two elves (whatever that was, there were lots of powerups in that game),
    and Knights of the round!!!

    Those were CPS-1 games weren't they?

    That elf thing was part of 3 Wonders.

    Last Blade 2 and Blazing Star :-)

      I'd love some Last Blade 2 action also or some Waku Waku 7 action !
      Super Sidekicks is like the NBA Jam of Soccer with the meatiest kicking of the ball sound effect ever.

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