New Metroid: Other M Trailer Super Heavy On CG, Zero Gameplay

Nintendo's "dramatic new direction" for the Metroid series comes courtesy of Ninja Gaiden developer Team Ninja, who show off their cinematic skills in this new Metroid: Other M trailer.

Don't be surprised if you don't spot any gameplay in this new Metroid: Other M cinematic. It's lacking in Power Suits, Zero Suits and just about anything that isn't pre-rendered and voiced over. But maybe it will teach you something new about the new Wii game, coming to North America in June.

If you haven't already, make sure to check out our hands-on impressions with Metroid: Other M, plus the new media and details that Nintendo released at its recent event.


    well, that was dull. Thanks Team Ninja for not getting it at all.

    I have faith in the original Super Metroid creator. Dialog is pretty cheesy and equally vague, but I'd definitely like to know more about Samus. I just hope the long, winding, lonesome areas of the other games make it in too.

    "So young"
    Short hair
    Interactions with other humans
    It's Samus before everything starts.

    Metroid has always been about solidarity. I am tipping that something massive happens (planet destroyed?) and Samus is rescued by the Chozo, given her power suit and proceeds to rapes fase.

    Well that was rubbish. Why oh why did Nintendo choose Team Ninja over Retro? Retro had made 3 very successful Metroid games and would have continued to make more. Lol, was kind of hoping "Other M" was just going to be a codename.

    what the hell have they done to samus...

    that was so so lame...

    so... her boobs get smaller as she gets older?

    BAAAAAAW this game is different to the other games! I don't like it! I want another Metroid Prime game from Retro! Because that series didn't stagnate enough!

    Seriously, the gameplay looks fresh and based on this trailer it looks like Team Ninja have taken a refreshing approach to the narrative that will at least prove to help the game stand out against the rest in the franchise.

      ORLY? what gameplay did we see in this sub-par gundamalike video? All we see is ye olde standard cookiecutter morally conflicted heroine working for the military thing. Thanks TN, this is sooooo fresh :/

    Team Ninja have to have the worst writers in gaming. A cheesy and bland trailer, these guys look obviously took too many cues from the crap people excuse in anime.

    It makes me angry that nintendo takes them seriously enough to trust them with writing for this.

    They need to just stick to the action and shut the hell up.

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