Nine People Want Me To Make Dark Cloud 3

Today I added two more people to the list of individuals imploring me via email to develop Dark Cloud 3. I'm sorry, folks but I'm not going to do it.

Since late last year, I've received nine emails from people imploring me to make a sequel to Sony's Dark Cloud role-playing game series.

Here's a typical email: "Can you please make a Dark Cloud 3? I have very good memories of that game and its sequel. Many other fans and I would love it if you'd make one. I would preferably ask you to make it for Xbox 360 as well, since I only have a 360 and not a PS3. Thank you."

Another email was even more emphatic. I will quote it in full. Subject line: "Dark Cloud 3." Body text: "Make it."

Some people included the word "please" in their emails. Others did not. But I must admit, no words will sway me. I refuse to make Dark Cloud 3.

Perhaps these nine people think I have untapped game development potential. Alternate theory, they have misinterpreted a post I wrote in October: Level 5: More People Need To Ask For A Dark Cloud Sequel. Let's be clear. Level 5 makes Dark Cloud games. I just interview people who work at Level 5, from time to time.

So, no, I will not make Dark Cloud 3, no matter how you ask. But I do agree that Dark Cloud 2 was pretty good.



    Oh go on Stephen! Make it!

    We will pay you in cookies.

    Make it.

    I remeber having the PS2 demo disc and on the occasion just playing Dark Cloud from it, seeing how far i could get befor the time ran out.....

    make eeeeetttt.


    my best game of all time is dark cloud 2
    but i'm not the type of person who beg, so if u don't want to make it, FUCK U !! WE DON'T CARE !!! LOL fag

    Come on dark cloud was the best ps2 game ever!!! Just make it

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