Nintendo 3DS Is A New Hardware Series

Whether it be the DS Lite or the DSi, Nintendo has announced a spate of Nintendo DS hardware spin-offs in the last few years. The Nintendo 3DS is not a spin-off. It's worth pointing out, you know.

Nintendo released its Play And Watch series of handhelds in the early 1980s. Following that, the company released the Game Boy in 1989 and then the Game Boy colour in 1998. The Game Boy Color's successor was the Game Boy Advance in 2001, and it was spun off into the laptop style Game Boy SP and the smaller Game Boy Micro.

Following that line, Nintendo released the Nintendo DS in 2004 and followed that with the Nintendo DS Lite, the Nintendo DSi and the Nintendo DSi XL.

The Nintendo 3DS is backward compatible with the Nintendo DS line, Nintendo has announced. This means that the Nintendo 3DS is expected to have at least two digital cameras like the Nintendo DSi. It is not yet known whether they will be of a higher than the DSi's current 0.3-megapixel cameras. The official Nintendo announcement simply suggests this.


    Boom - there goes my reason to own a Dsi/XL and now i can wait until this comes out. This is truly a remarkable feat having 3D without the need for any headgear/glasses. Can't wait for the reveal at E3.

    If it's not a spinoff, why don't they just call it "DS 2"

    heh i guess this was the secret everyone kinda knew about (namely that there is a new DS). That it will be 3D capable is a surprise, though I wonder if it will be some advanced 3D that sits inside, rather than "popping" out of the screen. Something like that DSiWare game that uses the camera to show a 3D world inside the screens (

    what is this is it a new console or is it just another expansion console like dsi to ds i want more details

    I doubt it will be graphically more powerful than the DS. The 'New Hardware' is probably refering to the 3D engine.

    I hope you guys like playing nintendo 64 games in 3D!

    So, it will run DS games and is glasses free 3D? This could be fun. If it had dual cameras and let you take 3D pictures and shoot 3D video, the kids would go donkeykongshit for it.

    Hell, I'd buy one.

    Cant wait! Atleast now I dont need to upgrade to a DSi XL, I can wait for this.

    Uh, think you mean GAME and Watch, not Play.

    What a piece of ass. 3D? Really, Nintendo? Am I the only one that doesn't really go crazy over this 3D phenomenon. Also that makes, what, five iterations of the DS?

    1) Phat
    2) Lite
    3) DSi
    4) DSi XL
    5) 3DS

    Personally I'd focus on making it a considerably more powerful handheld, up there with the PSP... but then again this thing will sell millions.
    "Zomg my Nintendog is jumping out of the screen at me!!! Wahhh!"

      You mean the hugely underperforming 4 incarnations of the PSP in the same time period...?

      1) PSP-1000
      2) PSP-2000 (Slim and Lite)
      3) PSP-3000
      4) PSP-Go

      And a PSP phone on the way...

      I agree. I really want a true succesor, not just another DS with a new gimmick. Give me a DS with gamecube capable graphics over 3D any day. Watching 3D makes me motion sick as well, i hope there is an option to turn it off

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