Nintendo 3DS Will Be Playable In June

If you remember the time Nintendo revealed a new piece of hardware (the Wii) it was ages before people got their hands on the thing. The 3DS, on the other hand, will be playable in less than three months.

Nintendo spokesman Ken Toyoda said yesterday that "we wanted to give the gaming industry a head's up about what to expect from Nintendo at E3", in response to questions why the company made such a surprise announcement.

"We'll invite people to play with the new device then".

E3 2010 will be held in Los Angeles between June 15 and June 17, which is less than three months away. We knew we'd be seeing the thing there, but for it to be in a publicly playable state is a surprise. A pleasant surprise.

Nintendo to Make 3D Version of Its DS Handheld Game [New York Times]


    I'm finding it amusing looking at all of the images that are used here and on other news sites each time there is a 3DS story. As there is no product, everyone has to get creative with a picture to go with the story. Some are hilarious.

      I'm going to be interested what the screencaps for the games are going to look like.

    WOW if thats what 3d looks like then i have an idea, go drink a bottle of your fave and go grab the d.s :)

    Be careful however as you would not want to wake up the next day with a console covered in vomit :P

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