Nintendo, Don't Be Ashamed Of A Girl's Behind

Glory of Heracles is a DS game that, while out in Japan since 2008, was only just released in the US, and won't be out in Europe for weeks. So Nintendo is still advertising. Advertising, and covering up butts.

In an email for the Paon-developed game, changes have been made to the original artwork. As you can see below, in the original piece (on the left), there's a whiff of butt cheek. Not exactly racy, true, but this is a game published by Nintendo. In the email version, on the right, the lady's posterior has been completely covered.

So, yeah, ever wanted to know how much butt is too much butt for Nintendo? It's this much butt.

Glory of Heracles: Don't look at my bum, you bum looker [Aeropause, via Go Nintendo]


    Geez what a terrible shop, that big ugly knee plate stands out like a sore thumb.

    You could barely see her butt in the original, talk about nitpicky.

    They should have fixed her dress. Not stuck that thing on the knee pad. Looks terrible!

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