Nintendo DSi XL Delivery Comes With A 1.5m Surprise

A delivery man just brought this to my door. Inside, a DSi XL for reviewing. But what he left in his truck was more interesting.

"I've got a five-foot sub for ya," he said smiling.

For me???

You know how I love my sandwiches, especially when they are subs delivered to my home. Was this guy angling for an internship at Kotaku? No, turns out that Nintendo wanted to include an XL sandwich with their DSi XL.

The note said something about sharing with friends and colleagues, but when it comes to over-sized subs I have neither. Besides, Totilo is off today and Mike and Mike are on opposites of the continent.

I know what I'll be eating this week.


    You'll be saying "Just two more feet and I can fit it in the fridge". Hahaha

    How fresh would that thing be though??? Lol

    "How can I stay mad at you...?"

    Give that away in a competition

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