Nintendo Patent Implies A New DS Cartridge Design

Siliconera found a patent application from Nintendo that is one of either two things - a new cartridge for existing DS configurations, or a new cartridge for a new DS. Or it could be both, come to think of it.

Although the DS is not named in the application, and the outline of one shown (above) is "for illustrative purposes only," Siliconera notes that the cartridge has the same number of pins as an existing DS cart.

Nintendo Patent Application Hints At New DS Cartridge Design [Siliconera]


    even if its for illustrative purposes only, I don't want fat cartridges that are going to stick out... we've been through this before on the Advance (using older games).

    They'll have lasers to shoot people with, and new advanced light saber abilities too.

    I hope its not for another DS. There are enough DS variations as it is. I think its time that Nintendo started on a new handheld. DS had been going long enough.

    Can't you see? This is the new DSXLi+, the "cartridge" is a DSi docking to share games..

    I reckon this could have been what they were talking about with introducing motion control to the ds, it kind of looks like the motion plus for the wii

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