Nintendo Power Reveals Scribblenauts 2, Due Out This Fall

A sequel for last year's breakout DS hit Scribblenauts graces the cover of the latest Nintendo Power, promising a look at what 5th Cell has in mind.

Scribblenauts 2 will add 10,000 more words, with adjectives playing a big role in what you summon ("Super Einstein?" "Electric Werewolf?" Not saying that's confirmed for the game, but man is it fun to speculate.)

It'll deliver 120 new levels, a level editor, a new hint system, and improved controls. What else, anything else? Oh yeah, it comes out in the fall.

[via GoNintendo]


    I''d have preferred some sort of update for #1, fixing the controls, but this sounds good too.

    The last one was awesome, can't wait for more.

    Sounds like what the first game should have been...

    Better control would be greatly welcomed. I also hope that there are more variety to the levels. The amount of times I finished them with the same flying device, or the same weapon, or even a piece of rope was starting to wear thin.

    Liking Pirate Hippo

    Hm. I got bored so quickly with the first one - I can't help but think the same will happen with this. I don't really care about adjectives - what would be nice would be a fix to the horrible controls.

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