Now Everyone Can Be A Lord Of Ultima

EA's web-based strategy revival of classic RPG series Ultima has entered open beta, with thousands of players fortifying their towns for the inevitable invasion by everyone imaginable. Will you join the fray?

The original Ultima was a series of PC role-playing games with rich stories and deep character development, so disappointment over Lord of Ultima being a strategic kingdom-building simulation more akin to Might & Magic is quite understandable. Still, it's a free-to-play persistent-world strategy game that can be played in your web browser, so we can overlook a few missteps, as long as everyone is having a good time.

So far I am, but then I've not done much more that build a few structures and watch people attempting to have cybersex in-character in the game's chat window, which equates a good time no matter what game you're playing.

If you're interested in a way to waste a whole lot of work time without having to install additional programs on your work PC, head over to the Lord of Ultima website and get started on your little slice of heaven, before everyone else comes along and destroys it.


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