Now If Only Zombies Could Vote

Just one of the 1229 photos of the weekend's R18+ games rally now up on the Epic Zombie Marchmarch Facebook page.


    What do we want?

    When do we want it?

      I think they actually want CHAAAAANGE! (Change the current rating system to include R18+)

    Zombies do vote. How else do you think Fred Nile is still in politics?

      i think that would be funnier if i actually knew who Fred Nile is.

    Yep. This is a sure fire way to show how mature and sane we gamers are...


      Agreed. Things may be looking up with the departure of Atkinson, but we all know how reactionary the broader community can be - how does this help the cause exactly?

    I agree with SeoN.. This is just embarrassing. Well done!

    Christ. How about somebody puts on a R rating rally that ISN'T a bunch of kids playing dress up so it doesn't just appear as if nobody cares about the R rating except kids playing dress up.

      What would you suggest?

      Personally, I'd like several Spec Ops squads to storm Parliament and take over.

        I would suggest more movements like the one Gamers4Croydon started over in SA. This proved to be a mature, effective way to spread awareness.

        Playing dress ups just makes us look like children that are crying because they've had their toys taken away...

          Exactly, this doesnt exactly scream "we are responsible, mature adults who deserve a mature ratings system"...

    "Zombie eat brains, but zombie can not swallow this injustice."

    yes and no, I personally believe every zombie deserves freedom of speech.

    They really have no concept of how to push an issue do they, heres a hint:

    Appeal to Emotion
    Appeal to Emotion
    Appeal to Emotion.

    Lather, rinse, repeat.

    Look like taxation Department employees at a anti-abortion protest.

    Vegetarian zombies at an anti-abortion protest ?..LOL..I know, i'm sick.

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