NPD: Gamers Spend On Average Eight Hours A Week Online Playing

The average number of hours spent per week on online gaming is up 10 per cent, to eight hours a week, according to the results of a study released by the NPD Group today.

"While the percentage of the population that reports playing games has declined slightly, this study details other metrics which point to both stability and growth in both online and offline gaming," said Anita Frazier, industry analyst, The NPD Group.

The PC remains the most-used system for online gaming, according to the report, with 85 per cent of online gamers reporting using a PC for online gaming activities.

For consoles, the Xbox 360 was the top video game system used for online gaming at 48 per cent. In contrast to 2009, when Wii was leading over PS3 by 8 percentage points, PS3 and Wii are now neck and neck, with about 30 per cent of online gamers reporting that they use each system for online gaming.

How much time do you think you spend online gaming? I suspect a bulk of my gameplay occurs online, if you don't include the iPhone, which is almost all offline for me.


    I'd spend a minimum of 8 hours a week during the University session... it goes up closer to 80 while I'm on holidays :S

    Minimal. Only the odd game of L4D or TF2 when some other mates are online. A combination of real life and work means my gaming time is limited compared to my uni days and most of that is singleplayer. Plus always had a bit of an appreication for PC games from non-mainstream studios. I'm also not a fan of waiting around looking for quality populated servers or waiting in a game lobby. (Grrrr MW2)

    Yeah i get home from work at 6 and hit up a game of LOL at 6:30, dinner at 730-830 then back on LoL till 1130 on a very regular daily basis..

    So yeah depends on the seasons :)

    Gaming is such a good time filler :)

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