Old Republic Is EA's Biggest Ever Development Project

According to the man who's had to write the cheques for the game's development, Electronic Arts is taking massive multiplayer online title The Old Republic seriously. Very seriously.

Speaking at a Wedbush Morgan Securities get-together earlier today, EA's Eric Brown revealed that the upcoming Star Wars: The Old Republic MMO is the "largest ever development project, period, in the history of the company".

FOr a company with so many big games in its back catalogue, that's a big project. To give you an idea on how big, Brown guesses that genre superpower World of Warcraft has so far cost Blizzard around USD$100 million. Considering the average game costs between $US20 and $US30 million to develop, you can see EA isn't screwing around on its Star Wars MMO.

SWTOR is EA's "largest ever" project [Eurogamer]


    Im sure $100 million is chump change for WoW development when Blizzard is bringing in at least that per month in subscriptions..

    I just really hope it goes really well for them - judging on The Force Unleashed's performance, Star Wars still has a great following by fans.

    Completely different I understand - I guess if Star Trek turns out to be somewhat of a success, its almost guaranteed that Star Wars till also.

    EA been doing a lot of great things lately - i can't help but think, this is going to help them even more! From what i've seen, the MMO deserves all the success in the world.

    Please don't mess it up.

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