One Left 4 Dead Character Won't Survive The Passing

Valve's poster for Left 4 Dead 2's The Passing downloadable content finally gets a tagline: Nobody Survives Forever. And while the original survivors will be showing up at the beginning of The Passing, only three make it to the end.

The news comes by way of Valve's Chet Faliszek, speaking to Geoff Keighley at GDC, as shown in the most recent episode of GameTrailers TV. As reported previously, The Passing DLC for Left 4 Dead 2 would be followed by downloadable content for the first game, and now we know how that's going to work.

While the original survivor's death will be readily apparent in the Left 4 Dead 2 DLC, the Left 4 Dead 1 downloadable content will have players working through the events leading up to the death, which will require someone on your four-player team make the ultimate sacrifice.

The comic released between the two sets of DLC will feature an idealised version of the events, while player choice figures into how it all plays out in the game proper.

Are you noble enough to die for your teammates?

Check out the latest episode of GameTrailers TV for more on The Passing.


    I've seen zombie movies before, Louis will die... that's how it is.

      after playing resident evil 5, out of instinct i shoot at louis during events by accident quite often, leads to lots of people calling me racist :S

        Its not racist. It happens everywhere.

    ill swap you dead louis for dead black woman? Better yet ill beat her with a stick as a sacrifice!

    goddammit i hate you rochelle...

    Great news guys we might get the full version of l4d 2 soon

    hes quitting


      Best news I've heard all week, even though I don't live in Australia ;D

      Ding dong The Witch is dead..

    What? Hell no, not one of the original four. No offence to the new four but I like the original four much better.

    ach, kill off one of the L4D2 Survivors, The L4D characters were much much better imho!

      concur! Kill off one of the new characters! As if anyone ANYONE prefers them!

      And make it Rochelle.

      She is dead weight.

    It'll be Bill. The old veteran stays back to hold them off, so the young ones can survive

      My thoughts exactly, Bogos.

    Also, does this mean that in the L4D2 'side' of the story, we will only see 3 of the original survivors? That's kind of lame

      maybe they couldn't contract one of the voice actors or something

        My thoughts exactly... anyone else notice Bill had no new dialogue in Crash Course?

      Sounds more like we see all 4 at the start of The Passing, and at the end there's only 3.

    "i hate dying"

    I bet its Michael Atkinson that gets left behind.

    It's going to be Louis. His voice actor is going to move to Japan soon so that he can voice anime characters. He already knows Japanese.

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