Original Left 4 Dead Also Coming To Mac

While it wasn't listed among the other Valve games that were getting Mac OS X support earlier today, the original Left 4 Dead is also making its way to Apple computers alongside its sequel.

The official Left 4 Dead blog confirms that Francis, Bill, Zoey and Louis will be hitting the Mac platform this spring, right alongside Portal, Half-Life, Counter-Strike and Team Fortress 2. And, like all the other games Valve is giving the Mac treatment, the original L4D will be cross-platform compatible, meaning Mac and PC users will for once have to find common ground in order to survive.

Left 4 Dead 1 and 2 are coming to the Mac! [L4D Blog]


    Being a long time Mac gamer in suffering (Bungie anyone?) I am very glad that there are options now and even better free use on both platforms. Now, as a Mac fan, there always is a "oh, and one more thing..." moment in the keynotes. I for one hope it becomes Ep 3 for simultaneous release.

      I dunno, I think anyone who buys a Mac for games has bought it for the wrong reasons... but it is nice to see Valve finally taking an interest. You never know, Half Life 3 could be on Mac soon :p

    im just wondering where i can get this game for MAC at brisbane? anyone knows?

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