Oscar Winning Film Features Xbox 360 Time Travel

Hurt Locker trounced the competition at the 82nd Academy Awards Sunday night, winning six Oscars. The movie has been called "near perfect" by critics. "Near perfect" as in not perfect?

While there have already been discussions (more here) about the film's technical inaccuracies, those pale in comparison to two far more erroneous mistakes.

The film is set in 2004. It says so at the beginning of the film. That doesn't stop specialist Owen Eldridge (played by actor Brian Geraghty) from getting ahold of an Xbox 360 — that console wasn't released until November 2005.

Eldridge uses his from-the-future Xbox 360 to play third-person shooter Gears of War, a title that wasn't out until fall 2006.

That would mean in 2004 Eldridge is playing a console that was a year away from mass market and a game that was two years away from launching. Ditto for the movie's YouTube mention.

There must be an explanation for all this: Time travel. And you thought this movie was just about a bomb squad? It is. A bomb squad FROM THE FUTURE.


    You need to get a facebook-esqe "like this" button. I would so click that button.

    I wont be watching this now, all realism is blown.

      Well at least you'd save yourself from puking due to the shaky cam effects throughout the whole film.

    Well reviewers sometimes get advance copies of hardware and software, maybe that guy has a side gig

    Maybe its like Life on Mars, a bomb goes off then the guy is sent forward into the future when the war is STILL going on.

    you guys didn't see the Deloran parked nexted to the Humvees? it was there.

    attention to detail people. work on it.

    Ha, awesome... it kind of reminds me of that episode of Dexter where he's playing Halo 3... on a laptop... with the sound effects replaced with Pac Man noises.

    And don't get me started on that episode of Scrubs where Turk is trying to "finish" a supposedly generic game (it's clearly Quake Wars) in co op, with two wired 360 controllers with the cords cut off... when there's only one player on the screen... "now the goal on stage ten is to kill the space goblins"... then it's like "jump in the warthog while I kill the Jackals"... all to stock footage of Quake Wars...

    Facepalm @ obviously non gamers trying to depict games in film.

    FAIL x100

    For such a highly acclaimed movie, that is some serious laziness (or some seriously bad research).

    They probably thought people would be too engrossed in the movie itself to notice. It makes sense.

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