PAX East Cosplay Gallery: Day One - Feeling A Bit Tingly

It's been a busy first day at PAX East, and we've only managed to capture a handful of cosplayers in our mad dash about the convention area, but what they lack in quantity they make up in quality.

Okay, maybe not, but they try really hard, and win points for originality? The Tingles are cute? Let's face it, you folks won't be satisfied until I find the six foot tall Bayonetta cosplay that eluded my grasp earlier today. Hell, I might not be satisfied. She is my white whale, only she looks much better in a slinky dress.


    they could tingle me

      Sexual innuendo is useless without the words '...if you know what I mean'

      I'd get his pills, if you know what I mean.

      You are now enlightened.

    Louis has big head mode enabled. Weird and scary.

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