PAX East Cosplay Gallery: Day Three

In our svelte final PAX East cosplay gallery, we bring you the few, the proud, the amazingly-tall Bayonetta, the ex-Kotaku-editor-masquerading-as-a-cosplayer and the Ghostbusters (can you guess who there are protecting us from?)

Our Mike Fahey says: "Bayonetta actually attended the Kotaku party on Friday, sans costume. She was almost as tall as I am in flats, and I'm 6'6". It was slightly terrifying." (Thank you, Victor Alvarez, for this shot.)


    +1 for cosplaying as doctor mcninja at a penny arcade event. lol... although, where have his legs gone? I think that doctors coat may be a tad too big for him.

    Good ghostbusters too - they look like they're from the Broadmeadows chapter

    The girl with the scarf - thats not even cosplay, thats just a twit with a scarf. It's a girl too... i think....

    And that bayonetta... Jesus she is creeping me out... it's also a girl too... i think....

    "can you guess who there are protecting us from"

    Come on, you're a JOURNALIST!

    the bayonetta girl at least made the effort .... despite not being ... an err as .. attractive ..

      imagine the combo damage from those thighs...

      i literally chuckled at her, then died inside

      Pfft, you guys are picky.

      I'd hit it :D

      So a CG character is more attractive then a real female... the times they are a changing.

      I'd probably do her just for the novelty...

    Are you chaps for real? The woman in the Bayonetta outfit is stunning, absolute perfection. A beautiful woman in a skin tight costume yet still people feel the need to chunter? Unbelievable.

    Guys, seriously??? She's beautiful and a geek...

    You all need to get out of your parents house.

    lol the bayonetta chick wouldn't touch any of you wolfshirt clad mantits' in a million years so chunter away

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