PAX East Cosplay Gallery: Day Two

We promised you more cosplay for the second day of PAX East, and we have delivered! Check out today's gallery for more Pokémon, Mario, Final Fantasy XIII, Fallout, The World Ends With You, and this uncanny Jerry Holkins cosplay.

Today's cosplay gallery spits on yesterday's cosplay gallery, trampling it into the ground like a baby facing off against a rhino. Inventive cosplayers were out in force, and for every shot we took, another one walked by without us capturing a shot.

Oh, but we will capture them. We will catch them all.

Enjoy the pictures, and stay tuned tomorrow for the dramatic conclusion!


    The Brotherhood steel costume is insta-win, or should I say insta-mash!

    my god.. the grand majority of these are absolutely horrific... worst cos play goes to the pikachu though. Like seriously, lady/guy/whatever you are... never EVER do that to our eyes again.

    The fallout one looks pretty cool though... even if it does look like what would happen if you meld fallout with munchkin land. Best cos play goes to the guy dressed as the guy (i clearly don't know his name) from the DS game i own and have played but have clearly forgotten the title of it. He's gone for so much acuracy in his costume that he even looks like a total prick, just like the games protagonist. That look of "excuse me i'm busy brooding here, so i'll just keep my headphones on whilst you speak and contiue acting like i don't care, which i clearly don't"

    OH!! THE WORLD ENDS WITH YOU!!! THAT'S THE NAME OF THE GAME... I seriously rock. Honestly i don't know why these people don't go to conventions dressed as me. "hey look!" people would yell excitedly "there goes a chuloopa!"

      There there Loopy. Settle down my boy. All will be well, this PAX cosplay awefullness will be over soon enough and the Japanese will rightly take over again and show us how its done. I honestly don't know why they are even trying....

      *let me get you some hot cocoa and slippers

      (loved your 'total prick line) ;)

    Man..., the Japanese pull off cosplay a whole lot sexier.

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