PAX East Kotaku Party: Scenes From The Rattlesnake Bar

The turnout at last night's Kotaku Pax East meet-up was nothing short of amazing. There was dancing, drinking, more drinking. After that, we drank a little. Wanna see what that looked like? Here you go.

The folks at Alienware, makers of the MX11, which isn't in my backpack right now thanks to really strong locks, helped us throw one hell of a shindig last night. THe line wrapped around the corner to get in - hell, I almost didn't get in myself. Once I did it was a night of fun, drinking, dancing, and yes, more drinking. The food was amazing, the crowd was extremely attractive, and the tacos were....hell, they were tacos, and that's all they need to be.

Were you there last night? Did you buy me a drink? If so, why?


    I wonder if anyone picks or hooks up at these things.

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