People Watching Me Discuss Video Game Journalism

"Members of the gaming press are always working. For instance, that picture I took at the beginning of the panel? I've already uploaded it and posted it on Kotaku." The audience at my MomoCon panel on game journalism. Nice-looking bunch!


    lol Did you just pull a gun? The black guy totally wants to kick your ass and the guy in the orange shirt is about to dive under the table.

    half of them are busy doin other poo by the look of things

    That black guy in front looks like Andre Braugher.

    With that look I would assume video games killed his mother.

    why are the asain guys in orange and everyone else is in black??

    Looks like a thrill a minute!

    The girl at the front is asleep and the girl at the back wishes she was asleep.

    Looks like it was a totally packed-out full house. Not a single spare seat.

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