Pikmin 3 "Well Underway," Says Miyamoto

Nintendo designer and Donkey Kong creator Shigeru Miyamoto was in London today to pick up his BAFTA fellowship award, an honour he reciprocated by delivering his acceptance speech in pure English. What else did Miyamoto have to say about Pikmin?

According to the tweet-reporting of the Official Nintendo Magazine UK, Mr Miyamoto offered the briefest of Pikmin updates. He says the third game in the series, which spawned on the GameCube is "well underway". Sure, we've known for some time that Nintendo is making another Pikmin game, but that it's "well underway" (and not forgotten) is at least comforting.

Hopefully, Miyamoto and Nintendo will have something more substantial for us at this year's E3 show than just an apology. We'd love to be able to remove Pikmin 3 from this list.

ONM UK [Twitter via Joystiq]


    sorry, I'll only be interested if Ninty decide to start publishing on other platforms. Call me backwards, but Nintendo have pretty much burnt their bridges with me - Jeez, I felt more satisfied buying a PSP than a Wii.

    I love pikmin but all I can think when I play it on Wii is B button should 'fire' Pikmin and not A. I loathe the control decision so much that I scream at the TV. Please, please, please let me switch A and B in this sequel. luv miniluv101

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