PixelJunk Expansion Channels Demon's Souls, Of All Things

The stylish, HD-retro PixelJunk games are among the highlights on the PlayStation platform. But another cult favourite, Demon's Souls, beat the series to its latest clever innovation.

The spring update to the first PixelJunk game, PixelJunk Racers, will add the ability for players to summon and race against the ghost of any player on their PlayStation friends list or anywhere on the game's leaderboard.


Dylan Cuthbert, chief of PixelJunk studio Q-Games, told Kotaku at a recent live showcase of the add-on that PixelJunk Racers: 2nd Lap takes advantage of a PlayStation 3 "user data" service. The technology, he said, popped up on his radar last year. His team wanted to use it in one of their games. The user data service can pull player data from anyone playing a PS3 game programmed to support it. The other game that Cuthbert said uses it is the sword-and-sorcery role-playing game Demon's Souls, which records of all of its players' characters. Ghostly renditions of those deaths are then uploaded to other players who will see them as they play Demon's Souls. Walk up to a bloodstain in the game and press a button - you'll see the how a player died from that spot. You'll even see ghosts of other players successful playing the game.

In 2nd Lap, the user data of PixelJunk Racers players is recorded by Sony's servers and then made available to players. That allows gamers to obtain ghost data for anyone who has raced the game and pit their car against the ghost.

Cuthbert seemed a little bummed that Q-Games wasn't the first studio to get this technology integrated into a game, but the innovative folks behind Demon's Souls, the breakthrough innovative darling of last year are not a bad crew to be beaten by.

Trophies and some tweaks to the campaign will also be included in 2nd Lap, which Cuthbert said he hopes will be pretty cheap. The add-on will be available in the spring.


    I remember striving to beat Ghost Data on various Mario Karts over the years... surely this is merely an online version? Not putting it down at all- I cant wait, myself-, I'm just saying.

    Isn't it something similar to the mirrors edge ghosts? Or the ghosts in trials hd?

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