Plants Vs Zombies HD, Other Potential iPad Games Pop Up In iTunes

It looks like a slew of high definition games could be bound for the iPad including Plants Vs Zombies HD, Flight Control HD and Worms HD.

The listings for the not-yet-available games were uncovered by the folks at Pad Gadget while they were digging through the web version of the iTunes preview.

While there's no way to tell if these are all games bound for the HD iPad, it makes sense. None of the games come up when you click on them, instead delivering a message saying they're not yet available in the US.

I also noted that at least two confirmed iPad games were on the list: Flight Control HD and Zen Bound 2.

Here are all of the HD games found so far on the pages.

Ammoin HD Azkend HD Flight Control HD Grind HD HD Recovery Labyrinth 2 HD NBA Hotshot HD Numba HD Plants vs Zombie HD Sparkle HD Worms HD


    MakeHD someHD newHD gamesHD thatHD inspireHD meHD toHD buyHD thisHD oversizedHD damnHD iphoneHD/ipodtouchHD... insteadHD ofHD damnHD portsHD!

    I guess I'll be waiting like the iphone til the 3rd gen or so til it's actually impressive to see what it can do...

    Oh, how nice of them to redefine HD. What, will it be running in 1080p or something? Silly buggers.

    Yeah i'll pass, high def or no def, its still the same game

    No def?

    You can find a full review of Plants vs Zombies HD here:

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