Play Heavy Rain On Your PC

With the PS3 having some, ahem, problems today, you may not be able to play Heavy Rain. Ah well! You may as well kill some time by playing it on... YouTube.

Sony's Scandinavian outlet has posted a series of "interactive" clips on the video site, which allow you to "play" certain sections of the game. You won't be able to perform the more incidental actions, but when it comes to making the big decisions, clicking on the clip will take you to a new clip showing what happens next. Just like the real thing.

The first section of this "demo" is above, but just in case it doesn't work, you can start "playing" at the link below.

[Heavy Rain @ YouTube]


    Got to give kudos to sony for demoing there game in such an awesome way.

    This begs the question... is Heavy Rain little more than an FMV game that is being rendered in real-time?

      No. Playing the game via YouTube removes all of the nuances of the real game's control method and takes away the pacing, which is a key element in decision making. The real thing is very involving.

    thank god the errors on psn is fixed then. :)

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