Play Smarter, Not Harder

Play Smarter, Not Harder
Play Smarter, Not Harder

It was bound to happen eventually.

Someone, somewhere, was always going to design a game you could play in the office with the boss a few steps away. It took four cheeky developers from Amsterdam to do it, and their current tally of timewasters is three. Before you ask – no, this has nothing to do with Evony Online’s boobalicious “play discretely” ad campaign.

As the lads at say: “Let’s face it; we all want to relax every now and then, but still want to appear professional or busy!”

To that end, they’ve made a small collection of simple games that appear to be bar/line graphs and word documents. Each game can even be customised by typing in your company name.

Mostly they play like classic arcade titles – the Word game (Breakdown) is a Breakout clone, the line graph game (Leadership) is a more challenging take on Lunar Lander, and the bar graph game (Cost Cutter), while more original, is reminiscent of Tetris.

Use at your own risk – we don’t recommend spending too long in Breakdown. Unless your office version of Word supports animated bouncy balls?


    • This is stupid, people need to work ethic.

      What is the point of working if you arent going to do your best? Might as well not work at all. The lazy man works twice, hope whoever goes hobo at work gets fired honestly. A job is a privilege…

      • Corporate propaganda much? A job is simply a time sink where you give up your time to earn money. With that money you pay so that you can continue to live, repeat till retirement and then waste away on half of what you used to earn.

        Unless a job can offer more than the slow daily march towards death why the hell should anyone really care.

        Oh and don’t fool yourself into thinking a corporation is anything more than a giant pyramid scheme where to poor lowly worker make the higher ups rich.

        • Don’t you want to join the GREATER GOOOOOOOD? lcb has been brain washed…Step 1 is to realise a job is something you do to earn money. Step 2 is to earn said money you must do the bare minimum. Optional step 3 – to get a promotion to earn more money you must look like you’re working hard…once you get the promotion repeat step 1 and 2 until you require more money, then revisit step 3.
          Working hard is for stupid people that will eventually die of stroke.

          • Also the harder you work the harder you are expected to work. And working hard and being good at lowly work will not get you promoted – they will keep you there because you do a good job there while the incompetent ass-kissers get the pay rises.

  • Wait, a post by Junglist? I thought he died on the return journey to his home planet.

    NIce to see you mate, I can now read posts with the proper accent.


  • YAY Junglist!

    I’m the QLD multi-media Manager for a large funeral company, I see the end results of people who “burn out”.

    Want to live longer? RELAX! oh and do some exercise now and again ya lazy gits! haha

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