PlayStation Move's Minority Report Controls In Action

Kotaku just used the PlayStation Move again... this time in New York City, with top Sony Move gurus showing us two new demos that take advantage of the Sony controller's ability to have its movement tracked in 3D space.

Last time, we saw the Move control games. Today, Move was making boxes, levels and the Eiffel Tower.

Part 1 features Sony's Richard Marks.

Part 2 features a walk-on by Anton Mikhailov.

Marks and Mikhailov are two of Sony's senior developers on the Move project.


    For some reason i cant see the video...odd

      I'm having this problem a lot lately. Just on kotaku posts with videos, though not all of them, all I get is a solid black rectangle. Any chance of getting mirrors for these videos?

    Pretty cool I suppose, but they'll wanna make those controllers pretty cheap. Seems like most of what they've demoed so far could/should use 2 of them.

    Secondly, can't we please get a PowerGlove? Or the glove Norman wears in Heavy Rain. If Sony want to they could market this tech to business, but not with the lightsabers.

      Ok, I have kids. They are messy beasts. I often come to my PC, about to play some FPS or something, and my hand slips of the mouse from the grease and crumbs the kids leave behind on everything. At least I can wipe it down.
      But my kids hand inside a glove? An expensive glove?? I'd rather be a bovine birthing adjuster than put my hands in that! Eeeewwww.....

      (unless it was machine washable, then it'd be cool) ;)

        I agreed with Adam (after just playing Heavy Rain) until i read this,... good point.

          Haha, dude, point taken! I do not have kids, but I have been around plenty enough to know that you have a definite point.

          But then, I was actually pondering the Heavy Rain style glove more for the business/industry use of this kind of motion tracking interface. No reason it should only be used to play videogames, but (as in Minority Report) to actually use computers in other ways. That would not really mean kids are using it... unless your kids are business executives or data analysts at major corporations :P

    Ok, I'll admit thats really cool. Imagine a helmet, you put the move controller on your head, and the game becomes a 3D world! Sure, you'd look like an absolute git with a glowing knob on top of your face, but I'd sacrifice that! :)

    Oh, and Minority Report wouldn't have a bunch of messy wires everywhere. Surely we're past wires these days....

    this, plus the imminent arrival of 3D tvs... oh man... Where is this all going?

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