Pokémon's Health Care, Better Than America's?

Ooohh, politics! Well, not really. More like humorous insight, with a Facebook group springing up based on the premise that the health care afforded to Pokémons trumps that offered to real, breathing Americans.

"Universal Health Care: Good enough for Pokémon, Good enough for America" is the name of the group, and it has a point. In Pokémon, you have sick Pokémon, you take them to the doctor. Or, a Pokémon Centre. And there, they are healed, completely, for free. It's like Canada! Or France! Only for Pokémon

But in the US? Even with recent changes made to the nation's health insurance, things still aren't too rosy. What gives, America? Are you going to let Snorlax get free health care while you work two jobs to pay for your kid's braces?

As the group's motto puts it: "All Pokémon everywhere are healthy. America is not. Wtf."

You can join it at the link below. And try not to take it too seriously, eh?

Universal Health Care: Good enough for Pokémon, Good enough for America [Facebook]


    That is awesome!

    Now if only we could squeeze people into small magical balls and 'heal' them in a microwave like machine that plays an odd tune...

      ODD TUNE!?!?

      ...yeah I guess it is a bit.
      But I still love it!

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